If you are in Key West, you are likely a curious type. ‘What’s down here? At the end of the road?’ you may have asked yourself. The answer lies in a perfect walking tour with a supernatural angle that can provide all the answers to your questions.

Over 9 locations on the standard tour of just under a mile and the attached stories of history and hauntings span the ages of the human occupation of this intriguing island. From the 1800s and the pirate hangings outside one famous bar to the haunted hotels where Hemmingway and Tennessee Williams stayed that reported new hauntings as recently as the 1980s.

It’s not a big island, but there are more than enough ghosts to see, a selection of the stops from the standard and extended tours are below to give you a taste of what to expect on Southernmost Ghosts haunted walking tours of Key West Florida.

Below that are some of the further afield locations that we researched while planning this tour but are too far to walk to, so we put them on the blog about the hauntings of Key West and Florida. They were just too good not to share. If you take these and the incredible stories from the tour this all adds up to compelling evidence that Key West might be the most haunted place in the southern United States. We invite you to come and make your mind up for yourself.


The Curry Mansion

The Curry Mansion

Now known as Amsterdam’s Curry Mansion Inn, the Curry Mansion is one of the most chilling stays in all of Key West. This picturesque historic mansion is filled with shadows and mystery. A ghostly, weeping woman still walks the old rooms as a permanent guest…

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is known worldwide, but this infamous haunt has earned a reputation all its own. Behind the long history of hauntings within Key West’s Hard Rock lies a mysterious connection with The Curry Mansion. Two worlds, modern and bygone, are linked by a haunted presence. Only guests of Southernmost Ghosts will learn the true story!

Captain Tony's Saloon

Captain Tony’s Saloon
Extended Tour Exclusive

Key West is full of watering holes, but this saloon is one of the few where you can drink among the dead. Built over a former morgue and execution site, Captain Tony’s Saloon has had a long and tortured history through the many names the bar has held, the lives that met their end at its bar, and the dead still trapped within its walls. Drink up!