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Craving a ghostly good time in Key West? Book a tour with Southernmost Ghosts to explore Key West’s dark underbelly and hear the harrowing tales of dejected souls from bygone eras who refuse to stay buried.

Join Southernmost Ghosts on a spooky walk through the haunted heart of Key West to hear its eerie tales. From the atrocities of daredevil pirates to the deadly conflicts between indigenous tribes, uncover the secrets that have made this island a haven for restless spirits.

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Southernmost Ghosts Tour

When night falls, the island’s ghostly residents come out to play and are not shy about making their presence known. This walking tour of the Conch Republic covers the most haunted landmarks in this funky island town and introduces you to the tragic tales and hidden secrets that keep the ghosts anchored to their former lives. For even more chills, our Bonus Extended Tour adds an extra layer of eerie intrigue from the deepest, darkest corners of Key West most visitors never see.

Meeting Location: Across the street from The Amsterdam Curry Inn at 512 Caroline St, Key West, FL 33040

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

Tour guide Eddie was knowledgeable and funny. We enjoyed the ghost tour. No one else signed up so we had our own private tour.

Priscilla Cruz

Five Stars

This is an amazing, fun and informative tour where you get to learn about the history of Key West and it’s ghosts. It’s entertaining and we learne...

Bonnie Sarigianis

Five Stars

Loved it. Very informative, interesting story of Key West, loved the creepy stories. Jamie was awesome.

erika mate
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

Porter Mansion

Built in 1839, this grand dame of Key West architecture boasts not just balconies and beautiful woodwork but also a resident ghost from its storied past. Local lore says Dr. Porter, who lived his entire life within the mansion’s walls and even passed away in the same room he was born in, still haunts the halls, keeping an eye on his beloved building from the afterlife.

La Concha Hotel

La Concha Hotel may have been the height of opulent luxury in old downtown Key West back in the days, but even its grandeur and charm couldn’t prevent a series of tragic falls from its iconic rooftop perch, leaving a trail of ghostly whispers in its halls. Guests and staff alike report encounters with the spirits of those unfortunate souls, eternally roaming the hotel in search of peace and comfort.

Casa Antigua

The unassuming Casa Antigua, once a “fireproof” hotel built with Civil War-era bricks, may have changed hands many times, but it couldn’t escape its haunted reputation. Once home to the famous Ernest Hemingway, one of the most celebrated authors of the 20th century, whose ghost continues to lurk around the place that made him fall in love with Key West, the

The Hauntings of Key West

Key West’s haunted history dates back to its days as a bustling port city, where dreams were met with harsh realities and fortunes were made and lost with changing tides. For an island that’s built on bones, Key West’s spooky legacy began right when Ponco De Leon landed in 1513, amidst scattered human bones likely from a brutal conflict between mainland tribes and island natives, leaving a grim future for future settlers.

Key West boasts about its status as the southernmost point in the continental U.S. While this is just a fun fact for most, it also plays a significant role in why the island is so spiritually charged. Port cities are notoriously haunted due to their long histories and volume of human traffic—and human suffering—they’ve seen. But Key West is special: it is completely surrounded by saltwater, which both energizes the spirits and creates a barrier they can’t easily cross.

It might seem like a perfect place to vacation today, but back in the day, survival was tough in paradise, and fun in the sun came with a price. Hurricanes, fires, and tropical diseases were constant threats, and the waters teemed with slave ships and notorious pirates hellbent on causing chaos and trouble. Those unfortunate to be caught often faced swift justice at the hanging tree. The wrecking business later introduced even more spiritual energy as salvagers brought ashore ill-gotten gains that carried their spectral attachments from faraway lands.


The Most Haunted Places in Key West, FL


For centuries, the Conch Republic has been a haven for those seeking refuge from the outside world, but it has also been a magnet for restless spirits unable to find peace in the afterlife. Visitors often report feeling the presence of Ernest Hemingway himself alongside his second wife at the haunted Hemingway House in Key West, while the ghost of a former lighthouse keeper is among the restless spirits haunting the premises of the historic Key West Lighthouse to this day.

Captain Watlington continues to haunt the halls of the oldest house in Key West, the House of Captain Watlington, and the Old Monroe County Jail echoes with tortured souls of past inmates, forever trapped in the grim memories of their confinement. Discover the most haunted places and terrifying tales of Key West on a ghost tour you’ll never forget!

Reasons to Take the Key West Ghost Tour

You Want Learn More About The Home of Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll has been the subject of numerous movies, documentaries, and investigations, adding to the already dark histor ... y of this mysterious island. His presence, however, is only a tiny fraction of what makes Key West one of the most haunted areas in the nation. Southernmost Ghosts takes you through centuries of wicked acts and disturbing behavior that birthed an island filled with unexplained activity and restless spirits.

You Need a Break From the Water Activities

Even the most avid jet skier needs to take a break from the water and let their pruned hands return to normal. Southernmost G ... hosts offers the perfect way to balance your time on water and time on land while learning more about this vacation hot spot. Take a nice stroll through one of Key West’s busiest areas while uncovering artifacts of a time when the nefarious ruled the land, and it was every man for himself.

You Love Victorian-Style Architecture

If there’s one thing to love about Key West, it’s the preservation of its original monuments. The architecture is some of ... the most unique and aesthetically pleasing in Florida. And the stories associated with these homes are unlike any you’ll hear anywhere else. Take a walk through time and witness some incredible sights while hearing some even more incredible tales.

You’re Preparing For Your First Ghost Hunt

Whether you’re a novice or consider ghost hunting your profession, there’s no better place for a paranormal investigation ... than Key West. There are a variety of locations that have experienced an event or tragedy that left a trail of souls in its wake. People may visit Key West for the sandy beaches, but lovers of the paranormal visit for the guaranteed haunts.

You Want a Break From The Clubs

Like Miami, Key West is known for its lively nightlife. Clubs and famous bars are plenty on the island, but not everyone is i ... nterested in partying every night of their visit. If this sounds like you, Southernmost Ghosts has the perfect alternative. Take in the sights and sounds of Key West without the large crowds – instead, surrounded by a group of individuals looking to learn more about this intriguing resort town.

You Want to Experience a Different Kind of Tour

Vacation hot spots like Key West are alive with various types of tours to help tourists take in all that the area has to offe ... r. None of these tours, however, provide a deep dive into the dark history that continues to haunt the area. When you’re ready to hear the true, terrifying tales that make up this mysterious piece of Florida, Southernmost Ghosts is ready to bring you in on its disturbing little secrets.

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