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About Southernmost Ghosts

Key West, the Southernmost Point of the United States, is known for being one of the most eccentric cities in the country and one of the most haunted. Southernmost Ghosts provides tour guests with fun, frightening experiences that are as uniquely memorable as the little island.

You could go snorkeling and explore one of the many dangerous but beautiful reefs, or see how Rum is made at the Papa’s Pilar Rum distillery, or see the Winter White House of President Truman, who made 11 trips here. But after all that is done and before the evening gets started at one of the many, many places to eat and drink, we would like to suggest a fascinating tour as the sun sets and the island cools.

You will be taken you on a route of just under a mile through Key West’s historic Old Town neighborhood. We’ll tell you which of the Old Town’s bright and beautiful buildings harbor dark, sinister secrets. Key West has a long history of restless spirits that lies just under the warm, inviting surface.

The Southernmost Ghosts ghost tour tells extraordinary tales at 9 sites on the standard tour, and 4 extra sites on the extended tour. You will see the history behind each building and the ghostly things that happen there at each haunted location. All accounts you’ll hear on the tour are thoroughly researched and fact-checked. We strive to give guests an authentic look into Key West’s dark side; knowing the history behind the island’s ghosts’ unsettling truths makes them that much more thrilling.

Southernmost Ghosts aims to intrigue and thrill all tour guests. First-time Key West visitors, long-time locals, paranormal enthusiasts, history buffs, ghost believers, and ghost skeptics are welcome!

Guests of Southernmost Ghosts will wind up with many takeaways from their experience, including:

  • Knowledge about Key West, its paranormal activity, its history, its legends, and its culture.
  • A new perspective on one of the most beloved locales in America, and “the world of the living” versus the “spirit world.”
  • Unforgettable memories from a truly out-of-the-ordinary experience!

Key West is a city all its own, weird, and wonderful in equal measure. You deserve an experience that is just as weird and wonderful as this special island. Don’t delay. Take the plunge with us today.

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Why is Key West so haunted?

Key West has long been considered haunted. Some believe this is due to voodoo or other curses that linger in objects, houses, or over entire neighborhoods. Others suggest that it’s the many terrible events that have happened on the island over the years. These events led to the creation of a legion of restless ghosts seeking vengeance and unable to attain final, resting peace.

To truly understand the origination of the paranormal phenomena trapped on the island, we have to go to the island’s origin…

From as early on as the arrival of the Spanish, Key West has carried a strange energy within its sand and soil. When the Spaniards first made landfall on Key West, they ventured inland and found bones were strewn across the island.

These bones were human.

Most likely, the bones belonged to the indigenous peoples of the island. They used Key West as a graveyard for their dead. Truly the end of the road.

Key West’s name in Spanish alludes to this history. ‘Cayo Hueso’ means Key West, but literally translated means “small island [of] bone.”

Through the years, Key West has seen no shortage of horror, from executions, murders, and suicides, to gruesome accidents, hauntings, and even a possessed doll. These terrible events have occurred in several houses, bars, inns, hotels, and other normal-looking places on the island. During your time in the city, chances are, you’ll visit at least one haunted location. You might even stay in one. With the Southernmost Ghosts tour, you’ll at least know what to expect, and why some are haunted.

As former Mayor Tony Tarracino said in the ’80s, “Key West is an insane asylum. We’re just too lazy to put up the walls or fences.”


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  • Remain calm.

    As long as you aren’t asking where Captain John Geiger’s treasure might be buried, most of the ghosts here are pretty chill, try to remain calm too.

  • Be polite.

    Imagine you were taking the tour with your grandparents.

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    If you should encounter a spirit, remember it was here first.

  • Stay together.

    Key West has more than enough ghosts, we encourage you to be safe and stay in the realm of the living.

  • Watch your step.

    Key West is pretty flat, and the sea is nowhere near the tour route, if your feet are wet, you may have lost the group.