#1 Rated Ghost Tour in Key West

The island’s warm climate won’t save you from the bone-chilling tales of its history and hauntings. Find out why Key West is the place where dreams come true, until they become nightmares…

Southernmost Ghosts presents an unflinching look at the Conch Republic’s storied past and dives into the lesser-known, shocking stories of life and death in this island paradise. From the quirky to the macabre, find out what makes Key West the Southernmost Haunted Destination.

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  • Ghost Tour Meeting Location: Across the street from The Amsterdam Curry Inn: 512 Caroline St, Key West, FL 33040.

  • Tour Duration: 1hr. across 1 mile

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  • Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

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16 Oct 2023
By: Priscilla Cruz
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12 Aug 2023
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02 Jul 2023
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Join us for a chilling ghost tour of the haunted hotspots of Key West

There is nowhere to go after you get to Key West. The southernmost city in North America is the end of the line for many travelers. No matter how you get here, some never leave. This tiny island city has a historic old town ripe with stories of things that could only happen here.

The island city may only be a few miles long, but there is no shortage of paranormal activity lurking behind the colorful walls of Duval Street. But what might you find at the end of highway 1?

We have worked hard to bring you a carefully selected tour with the best stories on the island that will also illuminate some of the fascinating histories of this southernmost place.

Every stop tells a part of the tale of the special atmosphere that exists here in Key West. Layers of twisted history lurk under the veneer of normalcy on Duval Street. Every house seemingly has a story to tell. The Marrero’s Guest Mansion, for example, was built by a Wealthy Cigar Barron as the home for his beautiful wife. The elegant mansion was their home of many years, they raised a family of eight children together and led a happy life. Until that is, her husband died and the estate taxes came due. Madame Marreros was evicted from the beautiful home she had spent her life decorating and swore a vengeful oath to haunt the building for eternity.

The beautiful building was eventually converted into a luxury guest house and hotel, with a strict no children policy.

To this day guests in room 18 have reported strange occurrences, the owners report that if Madame Marreros does not care for the guests then the chandelier will start to swing. Ghostly presences, moving hairbrushes, and even a visitation sitting on the end of the bed. These make the Marrero’s Guest Mansion a peculiar place to stay, today, the website only says room 18 was Mrs. Marrero’s ‘favorite’ room, and so it continues to be.

Are you brave enough?

Each of your guides is a trained storyteller and local resident. They tell well researched historical tales that will have a ghostly grip on your memory.

Alongside group ghost tours, we also offer customized tours for a more personal and VIP experience.

The Southermost Ghost Tour Difference: What Sets Us Apart?

Southernmost Ghosts walking ghost tour focuses on the terrifying truth. Each tour stop has been intensively researched, and we provide real accounts of the historical events surrounding the verified accounts of hauntings associated with each location.

Our tour is up to date and guarantees an accurate historical experience with the added bonus of unforgettable stories of human misery and ghastly hauntings that will make the tour unforgettable!

Just some of what guests will see on this haunted tour:

The Curry Mansion

Now known as Amsterdam’s Curry Mansion Inn, the Curry Mansion is one of the most chilling stays in all of Key West. This picturesque historic mansion is filled with shadows and mystery, and a ghostly, weeping woman still walks the old rooms as a permanent guest…

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Cafe is known worldwide, but this infamous haunt has earned a reputation all its own. Behind the long history of paranormal activity within Key West’s Hard Rock lies a mysterious connection with The Curry Mansion. Two worlds, modern and bygone, are linked by a haunting presence. Learn the true story only as guests of Southernmost Ghosts!

Captain Tony’s Saloon

Key West is full of watering holes, but this saloon is one of the few where you can drink among the dead. Built over a former morgue and execution site, Captain Tony’s Saloon has had a long and tortured history through the many names the bar has held, the lives that met their end at its bar, and the dead still trapped within its walls. Drink up!

Ocean Key Resort

One of the most modern haunted places on the island, the Ocean Key Resort offers luxurious hospitality for guests both living and dead. Book your room carefully, though—or else you may end up with a rather rude ghostly neighbor who refuses to check out.

The Porter Mansion – and a mysterious stack of dimes

Dr. Joseph Yates Porter was the first Public Health officer of Florida, a Conch, born and bred, he spent his career studying Yellow Fever that terrorized the island every summer. Especially dangerous for children, Dr. Porter treated dozens of children many of whom never recovered. The tragic loss of those children’s young lives deeply affected Dr. Porter. He would leave dimes on the eyes of the deceased children he had failed to save.

He passed away peacefully, but disappointed, in the bedroom where he was born. He did however help discover that mosquitos spread the disease, but he did not find a cure.

To this day, mysterious stacks of dimes appear throughout the house, and chamber music fades in and out of the thick summer nights, with no obvious source. Join us on a tour to hear more about Dr. Porters’ haunting of this Key West landmark.

The Key West connection with Hemingway and Sloppy Joe’s.

Stranded here in Key West for a night while waiting for an errant rental car, Hemingway ended up staying in Key West for over two years, finishing off A Farewell To Arms. His fingerprints are all over the city.

Hemingway often drank in Sloppy Joe’s bar, once a morgue, a telegraph house and then a speakeasy. The bar has a reputation as big as Papa Hemingway’s. It is also riddled with ghosts, right outside the bar is a tall and old tree. Over 75 criminals and pirates took their last breath on this hangman’s killing ground.

Take the Southernmost Ghosts tour and hear the tales of some of the people who lost their lives here but still hang around, including the deranged ‘lady in blue’.